AqueDuck for Peachy

Danville, California

Susanna Lee, Peachy's founder and inventor of the Aqueduck, came to Compass with a simple prototype made with a cut up Starbuck's cup and a rubber band.  Her idea was as her children got bigger, it was harder for her to lift them up to reach the water at the faucet.  Why couldn't she make an extender to get the water closer to the sink edge?  She wanted something that a parent could carry with them and easily slip onto a faucet.  Our design has a flexible ring at the back that expands to fit over the faucet and a curved extender perfect for the youngsters in your house.  The flexible materials were chosen to be kid friendly. 

Working with Susanna, COMPASS refined the original design concept, then provided mechanical engineering, prototype parts and production documentation for tooling and manufacturing.

Compass Services:

Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Prototypes, Documentation