Radience Family for Branson Ultrasonics

Honeoye Falls, New York

Branson was developing a new family of laser welders for the plastics industry.  These products would feature unmatched performance and flexibility in a completely modular system approach.  The family consisted of controllers and actuators. The 3G (shown in the middle) is a compact bench-top controller and the 3I (shown on the left) is a free-standing controller.  The 2000X actuator offers a precisely - controlled method of delivering the tooling to the work-piece and generating clamp force.  

Branson came to Compass to help provide a new, fresh image to convey the performance of the new family. We created a brushed sheet metal face plate that provides a feeling of precision and quality. To help minimize color mismatch issues, we chose black for the main body color. 

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