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LifeGuard Monitor for Hoana Medical

Honolulu, Hawaii

The Hoana LifeBed system provides a simple, effective solution for continuous observation of a patient's status.  Unlike other patient monitoring systems that require attaching electrodes, cuffs, or sensors to the patient, the Hoana LifeBed system requires no physical contact to the patient at all.  The system consists of a mattress coverlet with embedded sensors for the patient bed and the monitor unit.

To use the system, the patient simply lies on the bed and the coverlet starts capturing signals generated by the patient.  The system works through clothing and layers of sheets and other coverings on the bed.  These signals are tracked by the monitor unit which can alert the hospital call system when the patient's heart or respiratory rates fall outside the set limits.

The monitor unit was designed to be unobtrusive in the patient's room with a dark smoke cover over the display. When the alarm limits are exceeded, the display lights up to show the nurse the exact values along with the most recent trends for the patient.  There is a flip down cover over the control panel and a bright blue alarm silence button on the front.

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