ShorePhone Family for ShoreTel Communications

Sunnyvale, California

Designed to enhance the communication experience, the ShorePhone family of IP phones encourages interaction through a precision-balanced, contoured handset with a cushioned grip, tactile rubber keys and the concave sweep of the front face that places the keys on a horizontal plane while keeping the display vertically aligned for easy viewing.

The design features a formed aluminum top cover in either satin silver or black giving the phone a distinctive, unique appearance in the marketplace.

When reviewing the new ShorePhone family, CommWeb newsletter stated, ". . . we can honestly say that ShoreTel now sells the coolest looking business phones that we've ever seen."   That's exactly what ShoreTel CEO Tom van Overbeek asked us to do when we started the project, design a cool phone.  He wanted something different from the competition, something to give the ShoreTel telephone a unique identity in a crowded market.  Our design solution with the formed aluminum top, concave body shape and ergonomically designed hand piece makes the ShorePhone family distinctive, attention getting and let's face it - cool!

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