Theradome for Theradome

Pleasanton, California

Theradome is the first and only FDA over-the-counter cleared clinical strength laser hair therapy for home use.  Inside the helmet, 80 lasers work to increase blood flow to the hair follicles that quickly, effectively and safely helps to grow new, healthy hair.  Proven in user trials, Theradome provides hair restoration clinic power and results into the home.  And only 20 minutes twice a week is needed to see the results.

 We worked with the inventor to develop a comfortable and stylish design that precisely aims the lasers at the scalp for complete and even coverage.  Inside the helmet are soft rubber posts to hold the helmet off the scalp to promote air flow during the treatment.  Adjustable foam pads ensure a comfortable fit. 

Theradome used Indiegogo Crowd-Finding to take the product to market and they collected almost 10x their original funding goal!  

Compass Services:
Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering