ThermaClear for Therative

San Francisco, California

Acne remedies are a $300 million a year business.  But most topical treatments take 6 to 8 weeks to be effective and do not work on pimples after they appear.  Therative had a new idea and asked Compass to package their unique acne treatment technology in a friendly, inviting design that fits easily in the hand.  The result is ThermaClear, a small, hand-held unit that uses a proprietary Thermal Pulse Technology to deliver a powerful, yet safe, pulse of heat to neutralize acne bacteria eliminating pimples at the source.  The Therative technology makes a treatment fast, only 2 seconds compared to the competitor's 2½ minutes.

ThermaClear is designed to respond to the lifestyles of the target market with clean, fresh colors and a convenient snap-on cap that protects the tip when put into a purse or pocket.

 The ThermaClear project was included in the San Francisco International Airport Bay Area Design Exhibition to coincide with the IDSA/ICSID International Design Conference being held in San Francisco. The exhibit was on display for six months in one of the concourses at the International Terminal. The ThermaClear exhibit had examples of the earliest clay models, sketches, prototypes that were used to test the design and a final, production unit.  We've included a couple photos from the exhibit in the gallery above.

Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Prototypes, Production Liaison