ViewBlocker for COMPASS Design

Pleasanton, California

Curt Anderson, owner of COMPASS Product Design, follows sports and heard of the video stalking story with ESPN reporter Erin Andrews in 2009 where the peephole in her hotel room was modified and Ms. Andrews was video taped through the peephole.  It hit home, reminding him what Ms. Andrews went through could happen to his daughter when she graduates college.   Incidents like this have happened to countless women in hotels, dormitories and apartments, most of whom don’t even know of the violation of their privacy.   In our world of social media, the Erin Andrews story emphasizes how easily a personal violation can become a viral public exposure.

This inspired him to create a contemporary, universal design that can be used in hotels, apartments and dormitories. ViewBlocker is a visible, proactive response to make the peephole is usable again and perpetrators will realize that modifying the peephole is futile.  No screws, no holes drilled in the door, no tools needed and it installs in seconds.  It’s the perfect immediate, low cost and effective solution. 

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